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Pleasure cruise

When the weather is beautiful, you like to go out on your boat. We at DG understand that very well! Maybe you even go on holiday with your boat. Whether you are taking a short trip or a longer trip, it is important to be able to continue to enjoy your boating experience without any worries.

Pleasure boating or recreational boating is practised by boaters who mainly go on the water when the weather is nice or during a day off. This term also indicates the opposite of commercial shipping. All vessels that can be used to move around on water, such as water scooters, yachts, sailing boats, motor boats and rowing boats, fall under pleasure navigation.

Pleasure boaters are careful with their boat and do everything to avoid scratches and dents. This is where DG Rubber Profiles comes in; with our bumpers you prevent all kinds of damage. The rubber is flexible and able to absorb heavy blows. Protective fenders are a must-have for every boating enthusiast.

Custom made profiles

At DG Rubber Profiles, you can get your rubber profiles fully customised. We produce profiles according to your drawing or sample. Our specialists will make a mould by hand, exactly to your specifications and then you can decide how long the profile should be. Quality without limits! We guarantee short lines and fast delivery times.

Are you looking for fender solutions, bumpers or window rubbers? At DG Rubbers Profiles you have certainly come to the right place, we quickly deliver custom-made products. Our products are a hot item for yachts, sloops, sailing boats and houseboats, among others.

Do you want to be safe and prepared on the water? Then be sure to check out our quality products!

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