Welcome at DGRubber PROFILES

In the year 2014 we started as a part of DG Rubber Holland with the production of TPE profiles and Fenders. Because the continues growth of this discipline it was necessary to continue as an independent company. On April the first of 2019 we made this step and we continue with a new name and location. Our company name is now DG RUBBER PROFILES and are located in Biddinghuizen. We now have the space to continue our growth and increase our service to all our customers.

Top quality rubber profiles

DG Rubber Profiles has been supplying customized EPDM Rubber profiles since 2014. You can now benefit even better from our expertise since we have invested in our own extruders. As a result, we are now a manufacturer of customized profiles. The advantages of our rubber profiles:

  • TPE rubber profiles (similar to EPDM)
  • Short delivery times
  • Fully customized to produce
  • Any desired length
  • Your customized profile

We produce profiles according to your drawing or sample. Our specialists make a mold by hand exactly to your size. You can then determine how long the profile should be. Quality without limitations! Moreover, we are known for our short lines and fast delivery times. Because DG Rubber Profiles is also a producer of the used TPE profiles, you benefit from this. Profiles made to measure from TPE rubber are, incidentally, comparable to EPDM rubber. So you know that you can rely on top quality. Whether you have an industrial application or whether it concerns shipping or bodywork. As a bumper, edge finishing, u-profile, sealing profile or clamping profile.

Our self-produced types of rubber are all TPE (comparable to EPDM quality). These rubbers are therefore perfectly resistant to all weather types, UV light and Salt water. They are very elastic and do not just tear. This sustainability fits in well with the relationships we enter into with our customers. You can always count on DG Rubber Profiles excellent service!

Contact us for more information

Do you have a question about our rubber profiles, or do you want to know how we can help you with our knowledge and expertise? Contact DG Rubber Profiles at: 0321-744042 or info@dgrubberprofiles.nl.