Oplossingen en toepassingen


Construction, maintenance & agriculture

Because we at DG Rubber Profiles produce our profiles ourselves, we take great care in making high quality profiles. In addition, we can deliver quickly, which means that leaks can be dealt with quickly. Our rubber profiles can be used as support, sealing or as expansion joints. In the construction sector, you see them in foundations, formwork, roller doors and between cavity walls, for example. Rubber can also be used as a seal between door frames or window frames. In the agricultural sector, it is very important that the products can withstand rough handling. Since a lot of major work is carried out, it is important that the products are of high quality. All profiles within the agricultural sector are available fully customised.

The products are mainly used in agricultural machines. Examples are transport and haulm rollers, wheels, rubber flaps, etc. These profiles can often be found in animal husbandry, arable farming and horticulture.

Our rubber profiles are completely resistant to waste substances such as oils and petrol. This is a great advantage for these sectors.

In need of rubber mats? Are you looking for rubber mats? Then we kindly refer you to our parent company, DG Rubber Holland.

Do you need rubber profiles for the agricultural sector or construction & maintenance? At DG, we have the capacity to produce large quantities at short notice. Please feel free to contact us for more information. We would be happy to think along with you about a suitable solution.